In this example, the Boston Red Sox are 1.67 favorites to beat the 2.25 Los Angeles Dodgers. You can tell that the Red Sox are the favorites because their decimal odds are smaller, meaning their bet offers a smaller payout multiplier than the 2.25 Dodgers. In this game line, the Boston Red Sox are -150 favorites to beat the +125 Los Angeles Dodgers. We can tell that the Red Sox are favored to beat the Dodgers because the Red Sox’s odds are negative, and the Dodgers’ odds are positive. Remember, positive odds indicate the underdog, and negative odds indicate the favorite.

Futures And Props Bets

One thing to keep in mind when betting on the point spread is that the point spread moves up or down depending on how much action a certain side is receiving. If you are able to lock in your bet at -7.5 and the line goes down to -5.5, your ticket would only be a winner if your team won by eight or more points. If they won six or seven, they would have beat the closing spread of -5.5, but your odds are locked in from the time your ticket is printed or you click place bet. Betting on live hockey matches is wildly popular, and for NHL games, even more so.

American Odds Equation

A futures bet is typically made before the season but it can also be placed during the season or playoffs. An example of a futures bet would be taking the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl before the season starts. Power Rankings are PFF’s NFL power ratings based on weekly player grades in each facet of play. These power rankings are adjusted based on coach, quarterback and the market each season. From 2015 to 2017, home underdogs of more than three points in Weeks 1 through 4 covered 60% of their 25 graded games (i.e., games where a push did not occur). While it may have looked as though backing long home underdogs early in the season was a profitable betting strategy in 2017, there wasn’t anything statistically significant about the trend.

The minimum wager online is $1 and $50 for mobile bets. The only limitation to using Bovada is that the odds are posted late and that they have very low wager limits. When looking to venture out into sports gambling, you are likely to find hundreds of online sports betting sites out there. When looking for the best sports betting sites, therefore, the most important issues to consider are the perks that come with the websites. This will ensure you enjoy the greatest sports betting online experience.

Best Betting Sites 2021

This means they are not going to simply hand you an easy way to make money. Using these prices, you would need to wager $160 to win $100 on the Cardinals, while a $100 bet would pay $140 on the Cubs. When it comes to betting on baseball you have two primary options for betting sides.

If The Padres Were To Win, On The Other Hand, Favorite Bettors Would Collect $100 While Dog Bettors Would Lose $100

Financial spread betting can carry a high level of risk if there is no “stop”. In the UK, financial spread betting is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority rather than the Gambling Commission who regulate spread betting on sports. SHOW – You’re betting that your horse will come in first, second, OR third. You have a higher chance of winning, but the payout for a show bet is substantially less than a win or place wager. A prop bet is a bet on a specific aspect of a sports event that does not necessarily have a direct effect on the outcome of the game.


Here you’ll find the current live odds for all major sporting events, which also includes futures odds for each respective sport’s championship or title game. Our odds calculator can compute just about everything, including live betting. Live betting lets you wager while the game is going on, for instance to bet on who will score next.

In the case of a shortened season or any other unforeseen event, the winner of these said wagers is determined by the NFL. Whoever the NFL deems the winner is considered the wagering winner. If no winner is determined by the NFL then all wagers are considered no action and all monies are refunded.

In this case the Warriors would likely be -1,000 money line favorites or higher. For a simplified explanation of sports betting, please visit my companion site Wizard of Vegas. You can also use my sports futures calculator to calculate the overall house edge of a set of futures bets. A $55 bet on the over would win $50 if the total points in the game were 42 or less.

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